The saying often goes that children are our future. That cannot be truer. The young people of today will someday be responsible for the well-being and survival of the human race. The children, those who wake up each morning to go to school, to learn the skills and gain the knowledge required for society, will Read More

Our Leadership Course Begins in January! We are proud to offer our newest Program Black Belt through Leadership! This new program is a combination of our Blackbelt Club/Tournament Team and the IMPACT Leadership Course that we have already have. Each class will push you to new levels in Martial Arts but also working your Black Read More

  Here is our Monthly News Letter! Congratulations to all our Students of the Month and November Birthdays! Come pick yours up at the school! Click below for FULL News Letter! Novmeber_News_Letter

As adults, it is easy to forget how we developed our social skills and how well we got along with others to influence outcomes and build healthy, positive relationships. Developing social skills is actually not very far from developing cognitive skills or physical capabilities. Improving mental and physical strength can be achieved with constant practice, Read More