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  • My husband has wanted to learn Taekwondo for some time & I decided to sign him up for classes as a gift. It took me a very long time to find a school that fit. Eventually we found Impact Martial Arts & haven't looked back! I eventually joined the adult class as well (something I NEVER thought I would be doing). What I once was afraid to do is now something I look forward to every day!
    This school is by far the best in the area. They teach the actual art of Taekwondo & not just some martial arts fitness class. We've both gained flexibility, confidence, & balance. The classes are interesting, fun and just an overall great learning environment.
    We love the instructors! The instructors are knowledgeable, amazing, fun & supportive. They answer all of our questions and teach in a way that makes sense to each individual person. If you are looking for a great Martial Arts school in Somerset County, give Impact Martial Arts a try. You won't regret it!

  • Clean facility. Fantastic and enthusiastic staff. Highly recommend.

  • Impact has been wonderful with my son. They empower him and instill such confidence and self-control. And they throw a excellent birthday party for little kids! The staff is warm and friendly, the discipline is gentle and clear, and they are flexible with each family's needs. Highly recommend!!!

  • They have a wonderful program that starts around age 4, and continues through to whatever degree of black belt they choose to study for. This school teaches self discipline, courage, determination and dedication and helps to mold your child in to a strong willed and hard working adult. We love the school and all the instructors that help teach our children and make sure they get the best quality instruction that can be given. We love our Impact family!!

  • My 10years old son has been learning at Impact Martial Art for about 4 years. I can thank Mr.Paul and Mr. Sanchez enough for putting out their passion and efforts to help my son grow up stronger and stronger mentally and physically. It is all about love that I can see. I have to say that this place is full of positive energy and more than that, you embrace your potential and the connections between the mind and body.

  • My child has been enrolled since January and the instructors are great with teaching the kids. They make it fun for the kids while still teaching the discipline. They quickly switched to virtual daily teaching during to Covid-19 epidemic which allowed the kids to continue to progress and maintain the skills that they had learned. My child looks forward to the daily instruction and really enjoys the instructors who are very involved. Highly recommend Mr. Leo and his team!

  • Our son has been a student for 2 years and loves learning at Impact. They teach the skills and discipline but also make it challenging and fun. Mr. Sanchez, Mr. Jaworski and all of their instructors are skillful, professional, friendly and caring. Highly recommend!

  • We love Impact! The teachers are amazing and are like family. Our kids need clear, hands-on instruction (still done well in the virtual world due to covid) with teachers that really are willing to invest time and effort into their individual needs and they have done a fantastic job. I thought this would have been an activity for our kids for a few seasons, but they just love it and have continued on year after year. It's our home away from home.

  • Oh my goodness! I am a student at Impact Martial Arts, and I always am grateful for my decision. I have recently been chosen to train to be an assistant instructor, and I am now taking the classes. Impact instructors are very supportive, and understanding. I can't explain how thankful I am to have a home away from home. I definitely recommend Impact.

  • The instructors here are very supportive, and will bring out the best in every child. Program is very affordable and you can come as many times a week as you want. In addition, all belt testings are completely free of charge, unlike almost all other martial arts schools. I have trained at Impact Martial Arts (both warren and clinton schools) since white belt, and now hold a black belt 6 years later. For all of those 6 years, my instructors provided an encouraging atmosphere that motivated me to do my best every day. Great for all ages, from 4 year old peewees to adults (we have a great adult program too). If you are looking to take up martial arts, Impact Martial Arts is worth serious consideration.

  • Amazing place! amazing people! Leo and his staff work very hard to provide amazing service to every single person that walks through their door...highly recommend!

  • The instructors here are so helpful and positive. They push you to work hard and challenge yourself but understand that some people need a little more time and practice than others. I started a short time ago as an adult who had never done martial arts before and I have learned so much in a couple weeks! I love that the adult classes have students of all levels so we can learn from everyone, and that every class is different. I definitely would recommend this school for fellow beginners who want to learn the art of taekwondo.